Please enjoy this rhythmic supercut of typewriters while our FB page is being Zucked

Did you know your humble webmaster is an Aussie? You probably knew this. Anyway, Mark Zuckerberg is having a minor feud with the Australian government at the moment--our goverment wants FB to pay Australian news websites for using their content--and as a result, Zuck has said "Nope" and frozen a bunch of Aussie news sites. Including, apparently, BCK's FB page, despite BCK not being Aussie-centric.

Supposedly a deal has been struck, though, and I expect the FB page will be working again soonly. For now, however, I can't post stuff there. Twitter still works, of course.

No biggie, but a bit of a pain.

Here's a supercut of typewriters in action, featuring a bit of Nic Cage as you-know-who. Consider it BCK's "hold" music between the last update and the next one, which will probably involve me mentioning that Ending Things ISN'T GETTING NOMINATED FOR MUCH OF ANYTHING. Bastards.

The Typewriter (supercut) from Ariel Avissar on Vimeo.


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