Feature Films


Short Films


  • Antkind (2020)
  • Untitled (upcoming)

Unproduced, Rumoured, Upcoming

  • Orion and the Dark (2024, Netflix) (Based on the children's picture book by Emma Yarlett)
  • Hounds of Eyelids (formerly Oklahama!) (Based on the 1978 novel IQ83 by Arthur Herzog. Intended to be a film, there's been talk that Kaufman may turn this into a limited run TV series.)
  • The Memory Police (Upcoming/rumour. Based on the 1994 novel by Yōko Ogawa.)
  • A Scanner Darkly (Unproduced)
  • How and Why (TV. A pilot was filmed but never aired.)
  • Frank or Francis (Unproduced)
  • Chaos Walking - The Knife of Never Letting Go (2019) (Adaptation of Patrick Ness' YA novel. Kaufman wrote a draft, which was then re-written by several hands. The finished film has essentially no relation to Charlie's script.)
  • Depressed Roomies (TV, unproduced)
  • Ramblin' Pants (TV, unproduced)
  • Slaughterhouse Five (was in talks to write this for Guillermo del Toro)



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