Cure those migraines, treat your hypertension, forget painful memories

Can a blood pressure drug help ease the painful memory of an ex? asks the BBC. But the doctor's name is Brunet, not Mierzwiak.

A Montreal researcher says he has found a way to take the emotional sting out a bad breakup by "editing" memories using therapy and a beta blocker.


"We're using this enhanced understanding on how memories are formed and how they are unlocked and updated and saved again - we're essentially using this recent knowledge coming out of neuroscience to treat patients," says Dr Brunet.

His work has often been compared to the science fiction film Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, where an estranged couple have their memories of each other erased, though Dr Brunet notes memories aren't gone after reconsolidation therapy, they just stop hurting.

Memories, their neutral, factual elements, are saved in the brain's hippocampus. But the emotional tone of the memory is saved in its amygdala.(Source)

More at the link, it's pretty fascinating.

Thanks to Seedi!


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