A.V. Club: Ending Things 7th best of 2020

A.V. Club polled their contributors and put I'm Thinking of Ending Things at #7 in their best films of 2020. YAY.

7. I'm Thinking of Ending Things

It’s funny that Charlie Kaufman once lost an Oscar to Inside Out. Don’t most of his movies also plunge audiences into the mind, via magic or sci-fi or just good ol’-fashioned voice-over? I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, the third film he’s directed from one of his own ingenious scripts, has left some viewers feeling rather trapped within its oppressively interior psychodrama; it’s a disorienting nightmare reverie about a young woman who begins to lose her grip on herself during a surreal day trip to meet her boyfriend’s parents. Yet for all the slippery cerebral games Kaufman plays with his source material (including boldly abstracting the twist ending of Ian Reid’s novella), the film remains anchored to an emotional reality—the foundation of quotidian discomfort offered by a terrific Jessie Buckley, finding a personality even as the details about her character begin to shift like sand in an hourglass. She’s our guide through the dense thicket of Kaufman’s imagination: a wondrous twilight zone of existential anxieties, dream ballet, and Robert Zemeckis jokes. [A.A. Dowd] (Source)

First Cow came in at #1, followed by Nomadland, The Assistant, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, Lovers Rock, and Never Rarely Sometimes Always.

Thanks to Jeff!


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