See Charlie and Iain Reid @ Wordfest online

September 15, Charlie will be talking with Iain Reid online as part of Calgary's Wordfest 25@25. Ordinarily the festival is a Canadians only thing, but for Charlie (and because of his connection to Canadian Reid), an exception has been made. You can watch online if you buy a ticket! $15CAD.

We're thrilled to announce that Wordfest fave Iain Reid invited Charlie Kaufman to be his virtual stage mate for this exclusive 25@25 conversation on Sept. 15. (And yes, we know that while Charlie is one of the world's most celebrated filmmakers and the author of the newly released novel Antkind, he is neither a Wordfest alumnus nor a Canadian fiction writer. But he is the director of I'm Thinking of Ending Things, the movie adaptation of Iain's bestselling novel, which debuts on Netflix on Sept. 4. This pairing is such a gift that we had to make an exception.)

The 60-minute conversation, hosted by Shelley Youngblut, will start at 7:00 PM MT. (The pre-show will begin at 6:50 PM MT.) 

25@25 pass holders will be automatically registered for this event, with access to the live stream on, as well as the option of watching it on demand whenever works for you.

Single tickets are now on sale for $15, and include on-demand viewing of this event only. (You can always upgrade to a full pass at any time for access to all 13 anniversary events. Just email

You'll also receive our unique Digital Doggie Bag sent to your email after the event, with all the links, goodies, and references from the conversation. (Source)

Little article about it over at the Calgary Herald:

“Charlie Kaufman is obviously the exception to the rule, in that he is neither a Canadian nor a Canadian fiction writer,” says WordFest CEO Shelley Youngblut. “In some ways, this event symbolizes where WordFest is now. I’ve been working for months to get Charlie Kaufman. And we did it, finally. We are the only ones I know of that are actually presenting the two of them together in a real conversation, not just a radio or TV hit. It’s going to be an hour with the two of them.” (Source)


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