Jesse Plemons on 'Ending Things': "Just wait. He Kaufman-ized it."

GQ sat down with Jesse Plemons to talk Breaking Bad, Black MIrror and--among other things--I'm Thinking of Ending Things.

I don't know how much we're allowed to talk about this, but you're also in Charlie Kaufman's new movie, I'm Thinking Of Ending Things for Netflix. I read that book and... damn. It really scared me in a visceral way.

[Laughs.] Just wait. He Kaufman-ized it.

What did you think when you read it?

I thought I'd honestly never read anything like it. I read the script first. I was sitting at home, contemplating playing a robot in this other thing, and this just fell from the sky. I've been a huge fan of [Kaufman's] forever. I had a weekend with my friend where we started at the beginning and went through all his films and dissected them as much as you can. Synecdoche, New York... it's brutal.

This seems like a very difficult book to adapt, so I'm glad to hear it's maybe going to be even weirder.

I would say Charlie took maybe 15 percent of the dialogue. I don't know how this keeps happening... Not only working with people you respect but then them also turning out to be great human beings.

Have you seen Wild Rose with [co-star] Jessie Buckley? I'm gonna watch it on the plane ride home. She's unbelievable. Toni Collette and David Thewlis play my parents: The weirdest and best married couple of all time. (Source)


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