David Thewlis on his relationship with CK

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David Thewlis starred in Naked, one of Charlie's favourite films, and then worked with Charlie himself three times--in Anomalisa the "sound play", Anomalisa the animated film and then I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Last year Thewlis published a novel -- Shooting Martha (affiliate link!) -- and in an interview with the Guardian he was asked about working with Charlie:

You’ve been in Charlie Kaufman’s last two films. How did that relationship start?
In 2005, my phone rang out of the blue and this voice said: “Hey, this is Charlie Kaufman.” “I went, fucking hell, hi.” I think he’s something of a genius. I was flattered that he not only knew who I was but had written something for me. We did Anomalisa on stage in Los Angeles as a live radio play, years passed, then we got back together to do it as an animation. I’m very proud to say I’m now among his stable of actors. (Source)


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