Adam Scott, Tessa Thompson to perform live read of Eternal Sunshine

Tessa Thompson and Adam Scott will be performing a live read of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as part of Film Independent's live-read series. It'll be directed by Brett Haley, and takes place at 8 p.m., March 4, at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles. Kiersey Clemons, Kelly Marie Tran and Bridget Regan will also be playing roles.


“For our generation this is our romance,” said Haley, the “Hearts Beat Loud” director and self-described “hopeless romantic” who counts “Eternal Sunshine,” written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry, among his favorite films. “This film was so brutal, and yet so beautiful … and the premise is genius.”


Chatting excitedly from New York, Haley teased a musical element he’s hoping to work into the performance, as well as the revelation that this “Eternal Sunshine” will be a rendition most fans of the film haven’t seen: It will include the character of Naomi, Joel’s previous ex, portrayed by a pre-"Grey’s Anatomy” Ellen Pompeo but cut from the film.

Haley even managed to get on the phone with Kaufman himself, and plans to share some insights from their chat with the live-read audience. (Source)

Tickets on sale here.


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