Walter Chaw gives Anomalisa a big rap at Film Freak Central:

Kaufman's work will eventually coalesce into a diary of the modern man and as clear a statement about existentialism as Kierkegaard and Kafka before him. He's an essayist of fear and trembling. [...] It's a love story like the doomed love story of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; and it's a chronicle of the terror of obsolescence winking into nothing like Synecdoche, New York. [...] Anomalisa is a dense text that rewards scholarship. It's a mirror held up to our loneliness and desire and fear. It knows about the things under the bed. I would be surprised if I saw a better movie this year. (Source)

You might remember Chaw from the "Infectious Diseases in Cattle: Bloggers' Roundtable" feature on the Synecdoche DVD.

Thanks, Julie!

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