Synecdoche, New York features as part of a six-book series called "Arts in Entertainment" on Kickstarter.

With this series of books -- which will continue as long as authors and readers exist to carry it -- each author takes one particular work of art...novel, album, movie, anything at all...and shares the experience of being changed (deeply, urgently, irreversibly) as a result.

The books are as varied as their authors.  They're funny, they're tragic, they're charming.  They're profound and they're silly.  They take sharp turns into memoir, history, interview, self-help, criticism, confession, and psychology. 

Zachary Kaplan writes Synecdoche, New York, the fourth book in the series:

Synecdoche, New York is a film about life, time, memory, and our struggle to find meaning in our stories and stories in our lives. These ideas always resonated with my worldview, but after my mother took her own life, they began to take on a much greater significance to me.

They began to help me understand her suicide, my grief and my purpose. As I explore the film, I will use it as a compass to guide me through the grieving process as I plumb the emotional depths of the movie and of myself; to do anything less is to not heal fully. My mother is the fourth member of our family to take her own life, after her father, her mother and her brother.

I will intimately discuss ideas in this film as well as my family's sad past, one story illuminating the other. In doing so, I will put myself through an emotional hell -- and, hopefully, come out stronger in the end.

Writing this book is my dealing with it, my therapy. Writing this book is my grief process. Writing this book is my moving on. Writing this book is my ending the cycle.

You can find more info on the Kickstarter page. 16 days left in the fundraiser.

Thanks to David!

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