Here's a fun little interview with Charlie. Areas covered: Charlie's first big crush; making films in a graveyard as a kid; not doing Hitchcock cameos; favourite dramatists; Barton Fink.

What is your earliest film memory from your childhood in New York?

I think The Sound of Music was the first movie I saw in a theater, in Long Island. I fell in love with Julie Andrews, and she was my first big crush. Especially for a little kid, there’s something very maternal about her.


Have you never been tempted to do a Hitchcock and make a small cameo in one of your films?

Both times I worked with Spike Jonze, he tried to get me to do that. But no, I wouldn’t do it, it’s too nerve-wracking! (Source)

Alas, there's no mention of any upcoming Kaufman releases from Criterion.

Thanks to Tram and Tim!

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