There's a new interview with Lily Gladstone at The New Yorker, and right at the end she talks briefly about The Memory Police and what drew her to Charlie's screenplay:

You’ve just had a new project announced: “The Memory Police,” directed by Reed Morano and written by Charlie Kaufman, based on the sci-fi novel by Yoko Ogawa. What drew you to this project?

Since I’ve developed my own taste in film, Charlie Kaufman has been my favorite screenwriter. “Adaptation” was the first acting master class that I put myself through. I’ve seen that film, oh, more than twenty times. A lot of people who love the novel are very curious what the adaptation is going to be, and it’s remarkable, I can tell you. It’s the kind of space I really love playing in. There was a substantial period of my life when I was working with friends and creating theatre pieces that delved into themes of subconscious and memory, all of the things that are present in this incredible book. It’s [set on] a nondescript island in a nondescript world, with the device that people’s memories are being hijacked and erased by an authoritarian, fascist government run by what’s called the Memory Police. And within it there are themes that are going to be recognized worldwide. I’ve spent so much of our time talking about language revitalization. There was this systemic effort to erase the collective memory of our very language. Yoko Ogawa wrote a book that speaks globally to people who have suffered under the foot of authoritarianism, and it’s told in a sci-fi world that’s going to be accessible. When we got sent it, it was, like, Yep, this is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. (Source)

Early days, but this sounds like something Charlie would knock out of the park.


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