There's been some movement on the Memory Police front: Hollywood Reporter says Lily Gladstone has signed to star in the film.

Hot on the heels of her historic Oscar nomination, Killers of the Flower Moon breakout Lily Gladstone has found her next starring role, one that reteams her with filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

Gladstone is attached to star in The Memory Police, a hot package that is coming together. It will adapt of the acclaimed 1994 science fiction novel by Yoko Ogawa. Reed Morano, who helmed episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale as well as indie I Think We’re Alone Now, is on board to direct the feature whose story has tones of Franz Kafka and George Orwell, and fittingly comes armed with a script by Charlie Kaufman, the writer of such mind-tripping movies as Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Morano and Margot Hand of Picture Films will produce. Scorsese will executive produce along with Ogawa. (Source)

A little refresher on the plot:

Ogawa’s novel is a parable taking place on an unnamed island off an unnamed coast where a majority of the island’s residents are subject to collective amnesia. They endure a process of forgetting things, including objects, people and daily rituals, with the amnesia enforced by an organization called The Memory Police. In the story, a novelist tries to hide her editor, who can still remember, from the Memory Police, while he encourages her to write her book.  

This one's starting to sound pretty good. We heard the first rumblings about this project three years ago, when CK was promoting Antkind.


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