6 years ago I mentioned Orion and the Dark, a script by Charlie adapted from a picture book by Emma Yarlett, and today the film has been officially announced. Says Variety:

DreamWorks Animation and Netflix will pair on “Orion and The Dark,” a CG family comedy written by Charlie Kaufman and based on a 2014 book by Emma Yarlett. Animator Sean Charmatz will mark his feature debut with this darkly whimsical tale about a young boy confronting his greatest terror. 

That boy is Orion (voiced by Jacob Tremblay), an elementary schooler and full-time fraidy cat unnerved by heights, spooked by domestic animals, and rendered nearly catatonic by that worst plight of all – the dark. Only one night the Dark (voiced by Paul Walter Hauser) just about has enough, so he takes Orion on a nocturnal adventure to show the boy there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.    

DreamWorks Animation is set to announced the title onstage at the Annecy Animation Festival on Tuesday at a studio focus. It will screen three excerpts of a project already well underway. Netflix will release the film in 2024. (Source)

Awesome! Thanks to u/BartonCotard

More stuff soon. My house is getting a new floor put down right now (flooded back in Feb), so everything is in storage and I'm writing this on a tablet, which ain't easy.



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