Promoting Antkind earlier in the year, Charlie mentioned that he was currently reading Yōko Ogawa's novel The Memory Police with an eye on maybe adapting it for the screen. Today Deadline reports it's a happening thing:

The Handmaid Tale’s Reed Morano will direct and produce, and Charlie Kaufman will write the script based on the National Book Award-nominated surrealist tale that recently was translated and released by Pantheon Books in English, 25 years after its debut in Japan.

Here is the logline: On an unnamed island off an unnamed coast, things have begun to disappear — at first little things: ribbons and then roses. Soon, photographs. However, a rare few are able to remember all that no longer exists, but the Memory Police are determined to make sure that what has been erased, remains forgotten forever. When a young novelist realizes her book editor is one of those able to still remember, she hides him in a room beneath her floorboards. As the world closes in around them, they struggle defiantly to hold onto the truth. (Source)



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