Just so you know, "Orion" isn't entirely Charlie's film

Now I've seen Orion and the Dark, and it's a good film! I liked it.

But you'll remember I worried that the filmmakers had taken liberties with Charlie's script, and it turns out my suspicions were correct.

orion writersSource: Orion and the Dark closing credits

(Pay no attention to this paragraph. I'm an idiot.) If you've never heard of a "Story Artist," it's "a credit given to additional screenwriters on animated films who do not share in the screenplay or story credit, as can be seen on Pixar and Disney animated films." (Wiki)

I liked the movie overall, but after Orion and The Dark leave Orion's house, it deviates a lot from Kaufman's first draft. It's missing some of the meta commentary on kids' movies, it's missing a bunch of stuff that was aimed at adults, CK's themes have been blunted somewhat, some of the darker (!) material is gone, his commentary on storytelling has been... softened? muddied? ... and the storyline itself is quite different after they leave the house, but still kiiiiinda the same. Fair enough in some ways, I guess, but it's a bit of a bummer.

Good movie! But not entirely Charlie's movie.

I'll be adding Charlie's first draft to the site soon, so you can check it out for yourself.


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