Orion director and producer on "DreamWorks’ Thrilling Nocturne"

Neat interview at Animation Magazine, where Orion and the Dark director Sean Charmatz and producer Peter McCown talk about putting the film together.


McCown (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants) had a similar reaction when first told by DreamWorks about this Kaufman-written animation project, and it took zero effort to convince him to climb aboard.

“I went to film school and Kaufman is our darling,” says McCown. “We literally spent one of my screenwriting classes studying his writing and, specifically, Eternal Sunshine. That’s the Mount Olympus of screenwriters right there. We got to make Orion in a way that was bucking a four-quadrant movie. We didn’t have to make a global family consumer products film; we were with Netflix. We got to take a little bit of chances, and I think that’s a perfect marriage for something like a Kaufman script. He took a beautiful and very charming book by Emma and kept the spirit there of this kid who’s dealing with something that we all can relate to, whether it’s fear or whatever. I think Kaufman is great for this type of animated space because of how whimsical he can get. The script itself was just so much to play with.” (Source)

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