Reviews incoming: Hollywood Reporter and IGN dig "Orion," seems to be a CK film indeed

Early reviews are coming in for Orion and the Dark--not only are they positive, they're a bit of a relief. Despite my fears based on the trailer, it seems like Charlie's script is essentially intact.

Says Hollywood Reporter:

The best animated movies are entertaining enough for kids while providing rewarding diversions for older viewers. This Netflix premiere from DreamWorks Animation hits just that sweet spot. Hilariously and movingly tapping into typical childhood anxieties, it’s infused with ample wit of both the visual and verbal variety for adults, the latter courtesy of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) in his return to feature-length animation, nine years after Anomalisa. Much like the streamer’s recent Nimona, Orion and the Dark proves the sort of sophisticated animated project that outshines many recent big-screen toons. (Source)

In that review, Frank Scheck mentions a bunch of things that definitely were in CK's first draft.

Meanwhile IGN gives it a 7/10:

If Inside Out could be described as Pixar doing Charlie Kaufman, the new animated feature Orion and the Dark is essentially Charlie Kaufman doing Pixar. Technically speaking, the film – which Kaufman wrote but didn’t direct – comes courtesy of rival studio Dreamworks, and is premiering on Netflix. But in its polished spectacle, its anthropomorphizing of abstract concepts, and its aspirations to tug on the heartstrings of kids and adults alike, the project definitely resembles something from the house Woody and Buzz built. And part of its charm rests on seeing the mad genius behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich try to work within the bounds of all-ages formula without being completely consumed by it.

[...] In many respects, Orion and the Dark plays like the screenwriter’s work-for-hire version of a high-concept Pixar fable, complete with life lessons and a very Inside Out-like panel of abstract-concepts-as-characters. But if the animation is nothing special, the script is better than what drives most animated movies aimed at a young audience. And you can certainly feel Kaufman’s neurotic touch on the material. (Source)

Early days, but it's sitting on 100% positive at Rotten Tomatoes.


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