New "Orion" trailer has arrived

Ahead of the Feb 2 Netflix release of  Orion and the Dark, a new trailer has dropped:

Looks okay?

But it does not seems to resemble Charlie's script in many ways. Keep in mind, Orion is an adaptation of Emma Yarlett's picture book (affiliate link!), so the storyline is the same, but I went through that trailer and did a line-by-line search for dialogue in Kaufman's script. My half-assed methodology: first I would take part of a sentence from the trailer, then a key word--to see if either the sentence itself or a version of it is in the first draft of CK's screenplay. Maybe I messed up, but there seems to be not a lot in there.

“if it kills me” – No.
“my job” “fundamental” – No.
“important” (from “it’s probably the most important job") – No. The word "important" only appears once, spoken by Orion's dad.
“without darkness, the others don’t get to do their bits” “without darkness” – No.
“brightness and hope to the world” – No.
“fix everything I’m afraid of in one night” –No. ("fix" is in there once, in a line unrelated to that one)
“One night can change everything” “change everything” – No.
“we have work to do” – No.
“freaks out” – No
“universe is permanently altered” – No ("universe" is in there)
“That’s a thing that can happen” / “can happen” – No
“Seems unlikely” – No.
Sleep is a character in the script, I couldn't find Sweet Dreams, Quiet is in there, Unexplained Noises is in there, Insomnia doesn't get a mention, Light gets a mention.

So. It could be that Charlie did a later draft that I haven't seen (doubtful), it could be that someone heavily re-wrote him (likely), it could be that they aren't using his script... or--this is highly unlikely, but hey--it could be that most of the dialogue in the trailer was created just for the trailer?

Interesting that they aren't mentioning Kaufman in promotional material. There was a video where the filmmakers spoke of their admiration for CK and how they didn't want to change much of his screenplay. Maybe Netflix had other thoughts?

Thanks to u/pavingmomentum!



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