Was BJM the best film of 1999?

Rob Harvilla of The Ringer thinks so.

Being John Malkovich turns 20 this year (!!!), as does every film released in 1999... and since 1999 was arguably one of the greatest years in American movie history, they've been spending this week taking a second look at some of those masterpieces.

Here's how the article starts:

The first hour of Being John Malkovich—Spike Jonze’s first feature film, Hollywood’s equally momentous introduction to dour-genius screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, and without question my favorite movie of 1999 back in 1999—is a plenty psychedelic and traumatic thing. Particularly for John Malkovich himself. This sublimely bonkers movie’s first half alone will forever change the way you think about puppeteering, threesomes, personal identity, office buildings, Cameron Diaz, and the lust of the elderly. But the most shocking and delightful scene is when a terrified Malkovich turns to the only friend he can trust and the last person you’d expect. (Source)

Thanks to Tim!

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