Piecing It Together checks out Eternal Sunshine

It's a regular Kaufmanfest over at the Piecing It Together podcast, and WE DON'T MIND ONE BIT. The Kaufman drought has broken, at least for now, so Piecing is making the most of it and so are we.

After tackling Antkind and I'm Thinking of Ending Things, they're winding back the clock for a look at Eternal Sunshine.

On the 7th installment of our Missing Pieces series, Catherine Gonzales joins me to discuss one of the best movies… ever. The Charlie Kaufman written, Michel Gondry directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This is our 3rd Charlie Kaufman project in a month, which makes me very happy. Puzzle pieces include Annie Hall, Memento, Punch-Drunk Love and 500 Days Of Summer.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and the movies we discuss! (Source)

As always it's a really good listen. Thanks to David for the heads up!



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