Kumail Nanjiani pulls out of "Eternal" table reading because of Coronavirus

Says WinkReport:

Among those particularly anxious about the disease is actor and screenwriter Kumail Nanjiani. After six new cases of the virus were reported in Los Angeles County, where he lives, he cancelled plans to participate in a star-studded table reading to be held Wednesday night.

“I love this script and everyone involved here, but in light of recent developments I have decided to pull out of this table read,” Nanjiani wrote, mere hours before the performance. “I feel bad about it but it’s the only choice I could make. I’m sure my replacement will be someone talented and awesome, should you decide to go.”

He elaborated in a subsequent tweet, writing, “By developments, I mean the recent cases of coronavirus diagnosed in LA. I live with an immunocompromised person so I need to be extra careful and avoid crowds right now. I need to do everything I can to protect those I love.” (Source)

Listen, it could be worse. I live in Australia, and out here right now there are restrictions on how many packets of toilet paper you can buy, because crazy people are emptying the shelves of toilet paper. PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR GODDAMNED MINDS.


Anyway, where was I? Kumail's out of the table reading. That sucks.


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