10 BTS nuggets on Synecdoche, New York

For no particular reason that I can think of--but I'm all for it!--Screen Rant gives us 10 behind-the-scenes facts about Synecdoche, New York. We know most of this, but what the hell:

[...]Synecdoche was the first film that Kaufman directed himself, and that’s clear from the beginning. The movie is full of dreamlike absurdities and watching it feels like living inside the mind of Kaufman, which makes for some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts. From the crew almost getting decapitated in an elevator to shooting during a heatwave, the facts are almost as bizarre as the movie itself.

5/10: The Crew Were Almost Killed In An Elevator

At the end of a long day, some of the crew, including Kaufman, had to pick up a last-minute shot in a building, and all of the crew piled into a tiny elevator. Before the elevator could reach the floor they were going to, it got stuck and came to a stop.

Kaufman recalls that they all thought they were going to plummet to their deaths, and when they managed to open the doors of the elevator, it was stuck between two floors. Each member of the crew plucked up the courage to jump out, risking getting decapitated. (Source)


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