Is this the plot of "Frank or Francis"?

BCK visitor "Anonymous" says he/she has read the Frank or Francis script, and she/he posted a short outline of the story in a recent comment. COOL. I haven't heard much on this from any of BCK's long-time cloak-and-dagger informants, so until we get the official word on anything, it's VERY VERY WISE to take stuff like this with a shovelful of salt and healthy skepticism. So consider this a rumour and nothing more, for the time being:

This script is just pure insanity.

Frank Arder is a director who is touring with his current film, You, an ensemble drama in which he plays all the roles. Francis Deems is an online blogger who hates all films and especially Arder's. Eventually Arder signs up and they argue but then a woman steps in to the argument, Habitat. Through online conversations Arder and Habitat fall in love. Even though they both claim to be people they aren't. All the while there is a robot head, Robert, that is being programmed to write a script based on everything good in any movie, ever. [...] There is also a character referred to as emcee, who hosts the oscars at the beginning but his career is going downhill so he is looking for help to breakout of his known role as "Fat Dad." Everybody sings and it is undeniably a work of the Mr. Charles Kaufman. I could say more but I don't want to give anything away. I can't say I'm as big a fan of it as I am his other works but I do love the way he makes fun of the entertainment industry in it and if it gets made I would be incredibly incredibly surprised. (Source)

[Update: You can reduce your salt intake. This is a legit outline of the plot. At least, a first draft.]

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