Antkind, annotated

David Hernandez has done what the rest of us are too lazy to do, and annotated Antkind. Amazing. You can check out the 7400-word document here, and if there's something he has missed or goofed, you can let him know in this Reddit thread.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy skimming these references that took me many hours to annotate. For readers who finished Antkind, maybe you’ll enjoy revisiting; for new readers, perhaps this can be a companion.

Comment in this thread with any references I’ve missed and I’ll do my best to amend. Some references I may have plainly got wrong. There are several apocryphal quotes, genuine quotes, and genuine quotes that have been misattributed. (Source)

Also, over on Letterboxd, Jack Moulton has catalogued all the films referenced in Antkind.

I've always thought Antkind deserved something like the Pynchon Wiki, and now we have this.



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