Charlie interviewed on Australia's Radio National

Charlie was interviewed on Australia's Radio National today--my neck o' the woods, hooray! I think it's the first time I've heard Kaufman being interviewed by someone with an Aussie accent. In this case the someone was Claire Nichols, host of The Book Show. I can't find a way to embed it here, but you can follow the link. (The interview goes for about half an hour, and opens the episode.)

There were a few nuggets I've not heard before. We know Charlie has been in New York for the past few months, but here he mentions that he went there to work on a movie, and coronavirus hit the world while they were in post-production. What movie? Ending Things? But if that were the case I'd think he would mention it by name. Or not? Anyway. He also talks about his experience seeing Sátántangó, a movie 7-and-a-half hours long, at the New York Film Festival, and provides a little more insight into what exactly he knew would be in Antkind before he started writing it. Bonus: you can listen to Charlie read the opening of Antkind's first chapter.

Big thanks to @bionicgirlinoz for the heads up!


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