Podcast: "Piecing it Together" tackles Antkind

Longtime BCKster David Rosen is a musician and podcaster, and he points us to a recent episode of Piecing It Together, in which he and Kris Krainock tackle Antkind and discuss the other books and art they believe may have been an influence on CK's novel. (Ordinarily this is a film podcast with the same approach, but this is CK, and for CK exceptions can be made!) It's a great listen but it's spoilery, so beware.

Couldn't find a way to embed it here, but you'll reach it if you follow the link.

On the 137th episode of Piecing It Together, we do something that we’ve never done before… Cover a book! But it’s not that surprising that I’d want to talk about Charlie Kaufman’s first novel on the show, considering he’s the writer of my favorite movie Adaptation and a number of other films I love. Joining me is returning co-host Kris Krainock who did a great job of filling in the literary gaps with some puzzle pieces I’d have never been able to come up with unless I had another decade or two to read some more books… Did I mention I’m a slow reader? (Source)



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