"Their Money Comes From Other People Not Getting Money"

That's a Charlie quote, from an interview he's done with Variety while in Sarajevo.

“It’s disgusting, because they don’t do anything[...] No, they do damage is what they do. They do damage to the art form. And by doing that, they do damage to humanity. And if everything is about the bottom line for them and saving money, then there’s nothing left to the art form.”

[...] Throughout the week, he’s been spotted on the streets of the Bosnian capital wearing a gray T-shirt reading “Writers Guild on Strike.” During an interview with Variety, Kaufman peeled off one layer to reveal a second WGA-branded T-shirt beneath it. (Source)

Click through and you'll find his thoughts on Disney's CEO Bob Iger, other studio bosses, A.I. and the latest round of WGA negotiations.


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