Steamboat Willie Returns

The WGA went on strike this week, and in the lead-up to it Charlie gave a rallying speech about the importance of writers in the film industry (the importance of real art in general, really), and so it seems like a good time to mention Steamboat Willie Returns. It's a screenplay by Redditor u/PCchongor:

Inspired by Charlie Kaufman's WGA speech last month, I wrote a bonkers script in solidarity about a writer who teams up with Cinderella, Kaufman, and public domain Mickey to stop a studio head from using A.I. to eliminate the need for human imagination.

I don't often mention screenplays by other writers, for many obvious reasons, but this one got a Blacklist Recommend. What's that, you say?

The Black List is a platform for writers to showcase their features, pilots, and plays for industry professionals and get high-quality evaluations from vetted readers. (Source)

I've been asked not to upload the script, but if this sounds like something you might dig, you can check out u/PCchongor's post here, and/or email him here.


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