CK to read at Eva HD's new book launch

Eva HD and Charlie are becoming quite the pair. You'll remember HD's "Bonedog" featured in I'm Thinking of Ending Things, and later Charlie directed a short film adaptation of HD's poem Jackals & Fireflies. Now Eva has a new book coming out, The Natural Hustle (which includes 'Fireflies'), and Charlie will be in attendance for the book's launch--he's one of a few guests who'll perform some readings.

This is on Sunday, April 2nd at 5pm, Kingston Hall in New York.

natural hustle invite

Two fun facts: The Natural Hustle is dedicated "For Charlie, who helped," and Antkind included Eva HD in the Acknowledgments.

Thanks to u/pavingmomentum and u/agaetisbyrjun22!

In other news, I'm still working on re-designing BCK behind the scenes. Bit of a delay, because half of my house got flooded a month ago, joy! Also I take forever to do anything even on a good day.


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