CK at David Berman reading, NYC, January 4

If you're in New York on January 4, you might want a ticket to the reading of David Berman's Actual Air at Union Temple House of CBE. Charlie's gonna be reading, among others:

Actual Air

Join us in celebrating David Berman's life, work, and birthday with a reading of "Actual Air."

Readers: Eric Amling, Cristine Brache, Sam Brumbaugh, Kevin Corrigan, Cyrus Gengras, Bianca Giaever, Eva H.D., Gideon Jacobs, Cassandra Jenkins, Jeff Johnson, Charlie Kaufman, Braden King, Sam Lipsyte, Christian Lorentzen, Kathleen McDonell, Dasha Nekrasova, Leon Neyfakh, Guy Pettit, Zach Phillips, Amos Poe, Natasha Stagg, Dara Wier, Joanna Yas, Caveh Zahedi, and more to be announced (Source)

Tickets at Eventbrite. One of those readers, Eva H.D, authored "Bone Dog," the poem Jessie Buckley recites in I'm Thinking of Ending Things. (Thanks agaetisbyrjun22)

(Via r/DavidBerman and r/kaufman)


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