CK Executive Producer of Naomi Jaye's "The Incident Report"

Here's another thing CK has signed on for that might happen or quite possibly might not happen: Executive Producer of drama/thriller/romance The Incident Report. It'll be written and directed by Naomi Jaye. It's an adaption of a novel by Martha Baillie.

Says Deadline:

Julie Baldassi of Younger Daughter Films and Brian Robertson of Low End announce Britt Lower (Severance), Tom Mercier (We Are Who We Are), Jean Yoon (Kim’s Convenience) and Sook-Yin Lee (Shortbus) will star in the drama/thriller/romance The Incident Report.

The film is executive-produced by Academy Award-winning Charlie Kaufman (I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Anomalisa), and written/directed by Naomi Jaye’s (The Pin). Principal photography runs from August 2-29, 2022, in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario.

Librarian Miriam Gordon (Lower) lives in a fog of grief while working amidst marginalized members of the public who populate her downtown public branch. When a burgeoning love-affair with Janko, a younger foreign cab driver (Mercier) coincides with her receiving a series of oddly threatening letters addressed to her, Miriam’s sheltered existence is cracked open. (Source)

Thanks to u/BartonCotard!


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