Video: Variety's Jenelle Riley interviews CK

This one's from last month: Variety held their annual 10 Screenwriters To Watch panel, and afterward there was a half-hour interview with our pal CK.

Things worth noting:

  • A melted Charlie in the background (I'm sure I've seen this before, maybe in the real estate photos when he was selling his house last year)
  • A surprisingly chipper wall hanging
  • WHAT ARE THE BOOKS BEHIND HIM? I can see Antkind, but my eyes won't decipher the others.
  • CK's thoughts on LA vs. New York
  • Charlie is negotiating a contract for a NEW NOVEL, AW YEAH.
  • Eternal Sunshine's title was designed to be deliberately hard to remember. Of course, now it's somewhat ubiquitous. His original title was 47 words long, and his second choice was for the film to have no title at all--neither of which were given the thumbs up, surprisingly enough. I may have heard this before, but I am not sure.

I don't think I can embed the video here, so click on over for a look. Starts a little before the 1:05:00 mark and goes for 30 minutes.




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