On being Kaufmanesque: "I don’t know what it means"

Good brief interview on the Irish Times website, including a couple of little nuggets I haven't heard before:

He talks movingly about how, years later, he realised that his late parents had worried when he drifted into creative fields.

“Yeah, but they never said anything. They lent me money when I needed it. But I later learned they believed it wasn’t going to work out.”

Did they live long enough to see his success?

“They did, yes.”

Here's the 'Kaufmanesque' bit:

“I don’t know what it means,” he says. “The stuff that comes out that invokes my name doesn’t feel like stuff I would do. Also, since I arrived on the scene, I have been sent material and people have said: ‘This is perfect for you.’ And it’s just this weird stuff that doesn’t appeal to me. I just don’t know what people mean by ‘Kaufmanesque’. Dreamy? Surreal? Weird?” (Source)

I find it funny (but fitting) that the first novel from the man who inspired the term "Kaufmanesque," has been described at Pynchonesque..


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