Charlie leads screenwriting masterclass in Dublin, March 5th

While he's in Ireland for DIFF, Charlie will be holding a Screenwriting Masterclass which is open to "industry professionals – Writers/Directors/Producers – with at least 3 years industry experience and a proven track record with at least 2 professional credits."

It takes place at Light House Cinema, Dublin, 5 March.

This is a fantastic opportunity for screenwriters and filmmakers to gain an insight into how Kaufman successfully navigated the film industry, how he developed such a recognisable and distinctive writing style, as well as how Kaufman's screenwriting career influenced his later directorial work.

This masterclass will focus on Kaufman's unique approach to screenwriting and delve into the various elements that are integral to the delivery of quality work. The overall aim of the class is to help screenwriters and filmmakers hone a distinct voice in their own creative work. (Source)

It'll include a Q&A with Irish screenwriter Mark O'Halloran (Adam and Paul, Garage, Rialto). More info at the link.


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