Critical review of mercifully forgotten 90s sitcom The Trouble With Larry, including an unproduced script by Charlie

The Trouble With Larry was a shortlived 90s sitcom starring Bronson Pinchot, right after Perfect Strangers ended. How shortlived was it? Three episodes aired, and that was the end of Larry's troubles. Courteney Cox was in it, too.

If memory serves, Rick Cunningham was one of the show's writers--he would go on to script the unproduced Killing Charlie Kaufman. Also on Larry's staff was Charlie himself, who scripted one unproduced episode.

Over at the blog Perfect Strangers Reviewed, Philip J. Reed takes a two-part deep dive into the show, including Charlie's unproduced episode. How Reed got this script I do not know, but I think I would love a copy? Or maybe I wouldn't. Anyway, the episode's title is 'Pinata Full of Bones.'

It’s written by Charlie Kaufman, though, and while I’d love to say it’s hilarious, brilliant, or even moderately clever, it’s actually pretty awful.  It does have at least some of the hallmarks of a writer who knows he’s too good for the crap he’s writing.

Part 1, Part 2. Part 2's the one with Charlie's episode.



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