More info than you probably need about Nic Cage's hair in Adaptation

Adaptation turns 20 this month, and you would think in that time pretty much every Adaptation angle has been covered, but no! Not the angle of Nic Cage's hair! Thank you for filling this gap, Cracked!

Larry Waggoner is the Hollywood hairstylist who came up with the fictional Kaufman's hair, in collaboration with Cage, and Tim Grierson got the lowdown, in an article that is a lot longer (and more interesting) than you would perhaps expect such an article to be:

When he and Cage first met to discuss Adaptation, Cage had ideas about Charlie’s appearance. “I just want to look a little crazy, like Andy Kaufman,” Waggoner remembers the actor telling him. “He’s got that crazy hair.” 

[...] “Nic didn’t want to talk about (his character’s hair) around (Kaufman) because he didn’t want him to feel like he was making fun of him,” Waggoner says. “But Nic had his moments with me where he was like, ‘Crazy-looking hair like that. Look at that guy. Look at that guy.’”

[...] Waggoner took Cage’s suggestions and then figured out how to implement them. “Andy’s hair was a little bit wild and messy — it wasn’t quite as curly,” Waggoner explains. “So I tried to tighten up the curl a little bit so I could keep it more of a short style that wouldn’t move too much — that would just be in place. Charlie Kaufman had a little bit of thinness up top, so I said, ‘Maybe we should make it look like you’re going bald, almost like you’re thinning there.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, I like that.’ He’d really worked this guy out in his head.” (Source)

Much more at the link.



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