A while back I linked to an IMDB post which said, in part:
Today Charlie Kaufman was in Bologna, Italy, to receive the prize "Lancia - Celebration of Lives". He said he's working on a new script, "Tentative", about which he didn't revealed much. (Source)

I was sceptical about "Tentative" being the actual title, figuring Charlie might've said he was "tentatively working on a script" or something similar. BUT NO. OH NOOOS. The IMDB poster's name is Enrico, and this week he sent along a link to this article (no, you haven't suddenly developed dyslexia; the article's in Italian). The last part, roughly translated, reads:

Kaufman is currently working on a new project: "For now, entitled 'Tentative' I must confess that I found myself in trouble, so I thought it would come as I wanted, but eventually I did, even though I spent fifteen months to complete. I always end up being in situations that do not like, but that helped me to get on with the job. " Who will see the work in the future? "No director has contacted me recently and so I did, but if I had to choose one for my own script I would love to work with David Lynch." (Source)

So there ya go. Keep in mind, Charlie often goes through 500 titles before settling on one - so by the time this script hits our screens, assuming it hits our screens, it might be called "I Have Many Apricots and a Goat Named Lester." But for now: Tentative!

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