Yesterday an update was sent out to Anomalisa's Kickstarter backers, bringing news that principal photography is now complete.

Thanks to everyone for sticking by us! It's been an incredible journey and we can't wait to share the whole experience with all of you.

We've begun putting together some of the pre-release rewards as we head into post production and will keep you updated on those delivery dates.

We are so grateful for your continued support!

More to come!

The Anomalisa Team (Source)


Anomalisa's most recent Kickstarter update came with two new behind-the-scenes pics:

anomalisa-taxi1 anomalisa-taxi2

You can check out the full update for a description of what's going on there.

A progress update was posted on Anomalisa's Kickstarter page yesterday, bringing news that 85% of the animation work is complete, and post-production is in sight:

Dear Kickstarters,

We’re really getting down to the production wire here and want to give you some updates.

You’ve all been amazing supporters and we hope that you will hang in there with us until we get to the finish line!

We have 85% of the animation on Anomalisa complete! Our plan is to be done with animation in November and complete post production over the holidays.

Our animators and production team are working 12-hour days, often through the weekends and holidays, to keep us on schedule.

The weeklies are beautiful. We know the finished product will make you all very proud. (Source)


A few days ago, an email update went out to Anomalisa's Kickstarter backers, bringing news that production is around 70% complete and will no longer be a 40-minute short as originally intended:

The original kickstarter campaign for Anomalisa was for a 40 minute short. The success of our campaign provided us the opportunity to secure additional funding and expand the project into a full-length feature. This has allowed us to preserve the original scope of Charlie’s script, without compromise or outside influence.

Production is now 70% complete and when finished, Anomalisa will come in at around 80 minutes in length. (Source)


Thanks to Dan!

Just a little bitty update. Today an email was sent out to Anomalia's Kickstarter backers. It reads in part:

As you’ve probably figured out, we’ve had some production delays. We’ve done some really amazing things, but this was a WAY bigger project than we ever imagined. We are succeeding. We’re making something that’s so beyond what we originally envisioned. (Source)


And if I don't update again before Wednesday, MERRY CHRISTMAS*!!


(* Christmas here includes anything you happen to be celebrating on Wednesday.)




On an unrelated note, you might've noticed we're doing our annual donation drive thingy, to help cover BCK's running costs. If you feel like helping out, you might want to kick in a couple of bucks via the link in the right-hand sidebar. Every bit's appreciated. :)

A year ago this week, the animated feature adaptation of Charlie's Anomalisa was funded by Kickstarter donations. To celebrate, some of the crew put together a short, goofy video of themselves dancing. Because why not? Charlie does not seem to be in the video.


I would like to have seen Charlie participating in this video. I would donate money to see Charlie in this kind of video. Don't forget, too, there's an Anomalisa Tumblr.


On an unrelated note, you might've noticed we're doing our annual donation drive thingy, to help cover BCK's running costs. If you feel like helping out, you might want to kick in a couple of bucks via the link in the right-hand sidebar. Every bit's appreciated. :)

Mohair is being attached to puppet heads. Repeat: mohair is goin' on the heads.

The latest Anomalisa update was posted on the Kickstarter page yesterday:

We’re super excited. We’re actually making this movie. We’re watching weeklies every Friday, and we’re starting to see the movie take shape. It’s amazing to see everything we’ve worked so hard on becoming real.

We must give a special shout-out to our hair department. They have been hand-laying mohair on our puppets’ heads for weeks. It brings our puppets to life. The process is super detail oriented. Each layer of hair has been laid by hand to create a realistic look. It’s giving us so much versatility in animating some of the puppets that have moving hair. Thank you to our super hair department!

We’re also excited about the Rapid-Prototyping process that we’ve been working on throughout the course of the movie. We’re using a 3-D printer to make the thousands of expressions we’re using in the movie.(Source)

More at the link, and also a photo of hair being hand-laid on a head! Cool.

Don't forget, too, there's an official Anomalisa Facebook page, and a Twitter account, and a Tumblr account. The Tumblr account is getting a bit more active, lately.

Anomalisa's latest project update is on Kickstarter, and you can take a looky at some photos of what the crew have been up to in the last few weeks. Observe puppet moulds:



More photos at the link. The other thing worth mentioning is the official Anomalisa Tumblr account, which is a little bare at the moment but will become."a weekly production notes blog."


The cast from the stage/radio version of Anomalisa is officially on deck for the animated version. Charlie will be co-directing with Duke Johnson, and HanWay are taking the film to Cannes. Says Screen Daily:

Charlie Kaufman is to co-direct anticipated animation Anomalisa, which HanWay will take to Cannes.

Adapted by Kaufman from his own stage play, Anomalisa will be the director’s first animated film. Production is already underway.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan, and David Thewlis are set to lend their voices to the film, reprising their roles from the original stage production. Composer Carter Burwell who will write the score.


The film follows Michael, a man who is struggling with his inability to connect with people. Everyone in the world seems the same to Michael until he meets Lisa. (Source)

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