Today BCK turns 15. HOORAY. I'd say it feels like I built the site only yesterday, but that would be lying. It feels more like 20 years ago. I am old.

Here's an inadvertent birthday/Christmas pressie from Charlie: a new interview with the UK Guardian, who incidentally ranked Anomalisa as their #1 film of 2016. HOORAY AGAIN.

Mostly the interview is about politics and how badly the world sucks at the moment. HOORAY.

As Michael asks in the film: what is it to be human, to ache?

I don’t know. It’s hard to be human. I get angry at being human and at humans and I wish there was more kindness and I could be more kind and other people could be more kind. I get very rattled just in traffic. On the road, a certain combination of selfishness and aggression exists. I think it’s analogous to look at people in cars and people online because it is an anonymous situation where you get to act on these impulses without repercussions - unless you’re in an accident - and just to be mean. I just find it so upsetting.

I was driving last night on this quiet road and this person was driving towards me and had their lights on. I flashed them to let him know, not in a rude way, that I couldn’t see. And he or she turned her brights off immediately and then turned them right back on. It was like: ‘Screw you. Don’t tell me what to do. Fuck you.’ I can’t really figure out any other version that makes sense. It just puts all of my cortisol or some sort of adrenalin nightmare stuff coursing through my veins.

The converse is true too. When I see something that’s just kind, I find it the most incredibly moving thing. It just makes me relax and tear up. When someone looks at you warmly for a second as you pass them on the street – rather than just an obligatory nod – it gives you some sort of renewed faith. (Source)


Charlie also name-checks Charlie Brooker and Black Mirror in this interview. He's done that a few times this year. Black Mirror is a great show--you ought to check it out if you haven't already. And on that note, HOLY COW, CHARLIE K NEEDS TO WRITE A BLACK MIRROR. That would be a great pairing.

And thanks to Gareth for the link.

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